Price list


Church boats

Church boats 550 €/3-4 days, 440 €/1-2 days
A rowing place in a church boat 400 €/4 days

Small boats and canoes

Single rower or paddler 100 €/6days, 65 €/2 days, 40 €/day
Double rowers or paddlers 180 €/6 days, 90 €/2 days, 60 €/day 

Team of 3-5 persons 220 €/6 days, 100 €/2 days, 80 €/day 
Team of 8-9 persons 400 € / 6 days

Participation fee includes:
- the organization's insurance
- the transfer of the personal luggage
- daily saunas
- diploma
- right to use own flag or other sign
- transfer of boats at Pamilo (small boats and canoes)
- the programmes at the stop-over places; mentioned in the schedule

Boat rents are not included in the participation fee. The organizers will assist you in hiring a boat.



Meal packages are available for both routes, they can be booked during enrolment for the whole journey or for individual dining locations (make note of special dietary requirements).

Prices: 135 €/person for church boat route and 135 €/person for small boat route.



Accommodation is not included in the fees. Some prefer their own tents, others like the comfort of a room.

For further information on accommodation contact Visit Karelia. If you prefer sleeping in a hotel/summer hotel accommodation, we'll offer you a package for the church boat route as follows:

The accommodation is organised along the rowing route as follows:
Mon 23 July, acc at Summer Hotel Elli in Joensuu (and tranfer Joensuu-Lieksa by bus on Tuesday morning)
Tue 24 July Rowing route Lieksa-Vuonislahti (28 km), acc at Herranniemi/Hupeli
Wed 25 July  Rowing route Vuonislahti-Haapalahti (39 km), acc at Herranniemi/Hupeli
Thu 26 Aug  Rowing route Haapalahti-Jakokoski (39 km) , acc at Summer Hotel Elli
Fri 27 Aug  Rowing route Jakokoski-Joensuu (41 km), acc at Summer Hotel Elli

Package for the route of church boats (Lieksa-Joensuu, 145 kms)

23th July – 28th July
Duration: 4 days/5 nights
Group size: min. 1 person
Rate: EUR 600 €/person
EUR 15 reservation fee

Includes: accommodation in a double room according to the rowing program (5 nights), meals according to the program, a rowing place in a church boat, transfers Joensuu-Lieksa, Ahveninen-Vuonislahti-Ahveninen and Jakokoski-Elli-Jakokoski, daily saunas, participation fee, diploma, VAT.

Minor changes in the schedule and prices are possible.


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