The Board of Karelia Rowing Tour Association has decided to cancel Karelia Rowing Tour 2021 due to coronapandemic (COVID-19).

The decision is sad, but we would like to quarantee for our part that situation would be normalized soon. 

Karelia Rowing Tour will be organised next time 25.-29.7.2022 (small boats 25.-29.7.2022 and church boats 26.-29.7.2022). We hope to see all the friends of rowing participating in Karelia Rowing Tour after two years break. 

Stay healthy!

Board of Karelia Rowing Tour Association

This summer really was favourable for Karelia rowers and paddlers. Weather was sunny and warm – the best week during this summer!  Karelia Rowing Tour collected an international group of rowers from 13 countries. 

World Rowing Tour 2019 was held together with Karelia Rowing Tour and it alone invited 39 rowers from four continents. In addition to the WRT Team Rotterdam came with 14 rowers, and Ruderclub am Wannsee Berlin for second time with 22 rowers. We had participants from Australia, USA, Canada, Zimbabwe, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, United Kingdom and Russia.  Many thanks for all the participants, it was a great delight to see all of you in Karelia!